Comprehensive Examinations and Consultations

We use low exposure digital radiography and detailed paperless computer charting.  Large monitors chairside show detailed views of your current oral health status  showing possible issues immediately.

Second Opinions

Do you have questions regarding a recent dental opinion regarding your future treatment? Dr. Bruinsma has given hundreds of second opinions. An honest sincere opinion using his years of knowledge and experience is what you’ll receive while together you will discuss the options that fit best into your life today.

Dental Education

Dr. Bruinsma feels that educating patients cannot be emphasized enough! In his opinion, education is one of the most important tasks of a dental professional. Patients that are informed and educated regarding their dental health become motivated as well. Also, he believes informed, educated and motivated patients will be able to save themselves from significant dental work and expense in the future.

Dr. John Bruinsma educating a patient about her dental health

Professional Dental Cleanings

by Registered Dental Hygienists including periodontal charting to monitor gum and bone health.

Our Registered Dental Hygienists provide professional dental cleanings

Restorative Dentistry

Dr. Bruinsma’s experience in restorative dentistry including tooth-colored fillings is exemplary and he is careful to anesthetize as comfortably as possible. Many patients say “I hardly felt that!” or “You are the most gentle dentist I have ever had!”.

Dr. John Bruinsma performing restorative dentistry on a patient

Cosmetic Dentistry

including Crown, Bridges, Veneers, Bleaching, Implant Final Restoration. -Dr. Bruinsma is said to have an Artist’s touch.  He strives for his work to appear as natural as possible and is highly skilled in achieving the best possible esthetics and function of the final restoration.


There are times when you may need a dental specialist. When necessary, we'll refer you to a trusted specialist that will give you the best possible care.